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Nice to see an update on this

Anyway, I saw this in your BinaryToHex function:
  sPart = Mid(sBinVal, iPos, 4)
  sHex = sHex & BinToHex(sPart)
  iPos = iPos + 4
  If iPos > ilg Then Exit Do
It doesn't take full advantage of the Do...Loop structure.

Also found two bugs:
1) If you click File >> Open... but cancel, the file you are looking at is no longer "enabled", and you have to open it again.
2) The scrollbar (nice feature I've been waiting for) always seems to scroll past the end of the file until the valid part goes off the screen. Is that on purpose for some reason?

I'll try to take a more in-depth look a bit later...keep up the good work!
Wow you find them Fast....

Bug 1) Oops didn't notice this.. Fixed it (No need to repost Just for this...)

Bug 2) This actualy is not a bug.. I let it scroll till at least the Last Byte of the file is on the top line... (To take full advantage of the fact you can extend the size of the file...)

The Hex_Dex_Functions module is Curtacy JonnPoet... (Stated in file too) I borrowed his module to use some of the functions he worked out, but I dont use them all, and should remove the unused functions. And try to tweek the ones i do use... Thanks for that one... And again Thanks to JonnyP for the Module....

AND Thanks to you Wizbang, and all the others, for all the help.. In reality its because of people like you that Great Software gets developed..
And its because of places like CG that Great Code gets shared and Tweeked to perfection...