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I adjusted the code like that.. But still 1 small problem ... Integer max = 32767... Scroll_Pos.Max * 16 = a limit of 524K..

So if you open a file of 600K you can only view the first 524K..

Any Luck on finding why the color goes funny.. (try taking the hexD.visible = True / False out )

Oh! That's what you meant...(I guess there's still a bit of language barrier ). And yes that's correct if you are using the file size directly (or \ 16) as the Max. I haven't gone into your code to see how it is implemented.

If you use a multiplier, how would you scroll one line at a time?

A quick fix might be to use two buttons or labels. Put them on a frame, and use a variable for the value, which is scaled to the space between the buttons to place a "slider", which could be a label also.