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Thread: Need programmers for open-source indie game project (non-commercial)

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    Need programmers for open-source indie game project (non-commercial)

    Hero of Allacrost

    Project Name
    Hero of Allacrost

    Brief Description
    Hero of Allacrost is a single-player, 2D RPG. The game is modeled after SNES-era RPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, but we have implemented our own flair of modern features and graphics. We are a well-established project and have been around for over 18 months now. We collaborate over the internet via e-mail, forums, and IRC, so naturally no relocation is necessary

    Target Aim
    Allacrost is cross-platform and will be available on all flavors of Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OSX, and whatever else we can compile it on. It is also designed to support multiple languages, from English to Portugese to Japanese. Additionally, the game is not-for-profit and open-source, licensed under the GPL.

    We are aiming for as broad of a target audience as possible, and hope that people from all walks can enjoy this game. This game will be of special interest to those who favor gameplay and story more than state-of-the-art 3D graphics.

    Because we will not collect any revenue for this game, we cannot offer you financial compensation. However, all of the current staff are quite content with putting forth their efforts into what we believe will someday be a great game to share.

    Current State of the Project
    Here are the major accomplishments to date:
    > Developed organized approach to development (wiki, task lists, CVS, schedules, milestones, etc)
    > Wrote extensive documentation including engine documentation, coding standards, developer's guide, etc.
    > Programmed the foundation of the game (35,000 lines), including:
    -> Sound engine based on OpenAL
    -> 2D graphics engine based on OpenGL w/ support for advanced effects (lighting/fog, image warping, particles, etc)
    -> Joystick support
    -> Basic map mode and character dialogue
    -> Basic battle mode code
    -> GUI code (windows, text boxes, selection menus, etc)
    > Created much of the soundtrack (15-20 songs so far)
    > Created about 15% of the artwork, including sprites for main characters, a couple of full-screen backgrounds, a good deal of tile artwork, etc.
    > Built up a talented team of several programmers, artists, and two musicians

    So, up til now we've spent a lot of time getting organized, building up a good team, and writing a lot of the foundation code. Now we're at the point where all of those basic things are in place, and we're gearing up to start producing a "game". In other words, in the upcoming months, the game should start taking shape as we create new content and gameplay at a fast pace. In order to meet all our goals though, we're going to need some more help with programming and artwork. Our next major goal is to make a public release of our first playable demo, even if gameplay is only 15-30 minutes long.

    General Team Information
    Communication and feedback are a big thing on our team and everyone is encouraged to comment on any work or ideas that are shared. We are very flexible with our work schedules and loads. All that we ask for is for people to give up what time that they can afford to. If a staff member becomes disinterested in what they are currently doing, we'll work to find something he or she enjoys working on.

    Personally, I joined the project 6 months ago as a programmer, and I've found this project to be a real pleasure to work on. We have a lot of great discussions on the forum, and for those who like getting involved, there's plenty of opportunity to discuss ideas and contribute to the design/story of the game, as opposed to some projects where you are handed a list of tasks and expected to silently churn away. We often have programmers talking about art, artists talking about music, composers talking about design, etc. Of course, if you prefer working on tasks by yourself, you're not obligated to participate on the forums.

    We don't have any requirements for artists, musicians, or developers to use any specific tools, as long as it gets the job done. Allacrost uses the following languages and APIs:

    Programming Language: C++
    Data/Scripting Lanuguage: Lua
    Low-level general access API: SDL
    Graphics API: OpenGL
    Image library: DevIL
    Audio API: OpenAL
    Text rendering: SDL_ttf
    GUI for map editor: QT3

    Our programming staff concurrently develops on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and Hero of Allacrost presently runs on all three of these platforms.

    Talent Seeking
    C++/Lua Programmer
    We are seeking one programmer who is extremely knowledgeable about Lua and particularly Lua/C++ binding, to help us extend our data/scripting engine. Almost all the programmers on our team know Lua at a basic to intermediate level, but we could really use someone who knows it inside out. If you are not experienced with Lua, but are willing to learn, we would also invite you to apply to our team.

    Our code is very well-structured and the team is very communicative about our design ideas. As a programmer, it is important that you can communicate with the team (we don't want any "lone-wolves" on our team, sorry). You are expected to comment your code well and, eventually perhaps, write documentation on how to use it as well.

    Code and Documentation Examples
    Hero of Allacrost - Developer's Quick Start Guide
    This gem teaches all of the fundamental information a programmer needs to know to use the Allacrost engine and how the engine operates. This includes: singleton classes, game modes, main game loop operation, processing user input, and basic usage for the audio, video, and data/scripting engine components. I highly recommend you check this documentation out if you are interested at all in working with us.

    Hero of Allacrost - Code Standard
    This is our official code standard. It may look rather restrictive at first, but we are actually rather flexible as long as your code is consistent (braces can go wherever, indentation can be as long or short as you like, etc).

    Hero of Allacrost - Technical Documentation
    This documentation was generated by Doxygen (which we use in our code commenting) and covers the entire code base head to toe. It also includes UML graphs, inheritence diagrams, and the latest snap-shot of our entire code base.

    Sample artwork

    Below are some links to samples of our artwork, so you can get some idea of our style.

    Main site:
    Screenshots (these are very outdated):

    Contact Information
    Please send e-mail to to apply for a position. Please also include the following information in your e-mail:

    1. A little infomation about yourself and who you are
    2. Background knowledge and experience
    3. Your availability (even if only a few hours a week, we will still consider you)
    4. Demonstration/proof of your skills (links to past projects, sample code/art you've done, etc.)
    5. Why you want to work for the Allacrost project in particular

    Please answer all questions in as much detail as possible.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Raj Sharma
    Programmer/HR, Hero of Allacrost
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