Well, seems to be still some problem there.
When I try to compile the exe, which I must, to run it on my second PC, it gives me an error: "Wrong number of dimensisons" in this line:

For SNo = 0 To UBound(Smilie(0))

Edit: in the Private Sub Do_Smilie(StartLoc As Long, Length As Long) which appears two times within the program.

I first thought UBound was used wrong here and changed it to Ubound(Smilie, 0) which should deliver the UBound of the first dimension in the array (being 1, I guess since it is dimmed Smilie(1,9)). With this it compiles, but then giving me a runtime error.
I changed it to UBound(Smilie, 1) which should produce the UBound of the second dimension. Therewith it compiles and runs.

Is that ok, Gremmy? The chat works then as expected.

And if so, I still have no idea as how to use and produce the smilies now...
(Maybe I'm just blind or don't get what is meant. I thought you could now integrate smilies into your messages, but I don't find how???)