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Thread: MFC SDI: How do I create transparent SDI views?

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    MFC SDI: How do I create transparent SDI views?

    Q: How do I create transparent SDI views?

    A: One can make a the view of an MFC application transparent by handling 'CView::OnEraseBkgnd()' function and returning 'FALSE' instead of the default 'CView::OnEraseBkgnd()' call.

    BOOL CTransparentView::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC) 
      // TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
      return FALSE;
    //  return CView::OnEraseBkgnd(pDC);
    But this will not give a real transparent window, since the original view background will be dragged along while moving the application window. To overcome this, I have handled 'OnMove()' and 'OnSize()' functions of 'CMainFrame' class to update the view to reflect the real background, by repainting the view each time the application window is moved / sized.

    void CMainFrame::OnMove(int x, int y) 
      CFrameWnd::OnMove(x, y);
      // TODO: Add your message handler code here
    void CMainFrame::OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy) 
      CFrameWnd::OnSize(nType, cx, cy);
      // TODO: Add your message handler code here
    I have defined a function 'RepaintWindow()' as part of the 'CMainFrame' class and implemented to repaint the view with correct background information.

    void CMainFrame::RepaintView()
      // Gets current view
      CView* pView = GetActiveView();
      if (pView)    // Valid view
        // Hides view to get background
        // Gets desktop device context
        HDC hDC = ::GetDC(NULL);
        if (hDC)  // Valid device context handle
          // Get clients rectangle in screen coordinates
          CRect Rect;
          // Gets device context for current view
          CClientDC DC(pView);
          // Pastes background to view
          ::BitBlt(DC.m_hDC, 0, 0, Rect.Width(), Rect.Height(),
            hDC, Rect.left,, SRCCOPY);
          // Releases desktop device context
          ::ReleaseDC(NULL, hDC);
        // Shows view with right background info
    At present, this is implemented for SDI application. With little modification (for updating all views), this methodology can be extended for MDI applications as well.

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