Hi all,

I was approached about developing a small server side application which works with audio. The premise is as follows. A flash application is being developed that works sort of like eJay. You can drag n drop audio-clips onto a timeline with three channels and compose a song.

Then someone had the brilliant idea to make this song into one single file and send it to a mobile or download it onto the users computer.

So what i need to know now is, how can I from an xml-file (the output from the flash-app) grab a couple of audiofiles and mix them together into one.

The xml is not defined yet (that's also part of my job) but I think somehthing like this would work:

<clip start="">sound1.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound2.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound3.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound4.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound5.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound6.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound7.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound8.wav</clip>
<clip start="">sound9.wav</clip>

The clips will all exist on the server where this application is going to work it's magic. (It will fetch the xml and save the finished file (wav, mp3 whatever) into a database.

I've searched sourceforge for sound libraries but they're all C++, is there not a managed solution?