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Thread: WebControl: Outlook-style predictive text / autocomplete

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    WebControl: Outlook-style predictive text / autocomplete

    Is there a control out there for purchase which offers predictive text functionality similar to Outlook's autocomplete feature when e-mailing?

    To me, this is a non-web feature and my gut reaction is no even if it was available it would be horrible. But a client wants this functionality so I am just making sure its not out there for purchase.

    I came across this: which wraps functionality from in a webcontrol. Its a dropdownlist with autocomplete, but not really predictive text like Outlook.

    I posted this in ASP.NET but this kind of functionality seems right up the AJAX alley (or drain... it sounds more like a drain cleaner ). Has anyone seen anything done like this on the web?
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    Resolved Re: WebControl: Outlook-style predictive text / autocomplete

    You're right, this is perrrfect for Ajax. There's a couple of important things to keep in mind when doing something like this though. For instance, you don't want to just query a database every time a field changes, especially if you have a high volume site. If 30 people are using the same page and can type 75 wpm, imagine that many queries a second... not fun.


    The book AJAX HACKS from O'Reilly goes through a pretty good workup of Google style predictive text if you're interested.

    Ignore the above sentence. This is what I get for reading more than one book at a time... The book I was actually referring to is Ajax in Action by Dave Crane and Eric Pascarello from Manning publishing. Sorry for the confusion. As an added bonus, this book does a terrific job of discussing how to best implement the Model-View-Controller design pattern for AJAX.


    Good luck!

    Jeff Gitter
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