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Thread: MFC Registry: How to store the application settings in registry?

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    MFC Registry: How to store the application settings in registry?

    Q: How to store and retrieve the MFC application settings in/from registry?

    A: By using the following CWinApp member functions:
    • 'CWinApp::GetProfileString()'
    • 'CWinApp::GetProfileInt()'
    • CWinApp::WriteProfileString()'
    • CWinApp::WriteProfileInt()'

    Before calling any of above functions, you have to call 'CWinApp::SetRegistryKey()'. This causes application settings to be stored in the registry instead of regualr INI files.

    Further, 'CWinApp' registry functions will read/write under 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\<'lpszRegistryKey' argument of 'SetRegistryKey()'>\<'lpszSection' argument of 'CWinApp' registry function>'.

    Here is an example of an application that stores last "User Name" for login (e.g. to a database) to be used in subsequent application instances:

    class CMyApp : public CWinApp
      // ...
      // Attributes
      CString m_strUserName;
      LPCTSTR const m_pszLoginSection;
      LPCTSTR const m_pszUserNameEntry;
      // ... 
      // Operations
      void GetUserName(CString& strUserName) const
        strUserName = m_strUserName;
      void SetUserName(LPCTSTR pszNewValue)
        m_strUserName = pszNewValue;
    CMyApp::CMyApp() : m_pszLoginSection(_T("Login")),
                       m_pszUserNameEntry(_T("User Name"))
    BOOL CMyApp::InitInstance()
      // ...
      // Change the registry key under which our settings are stored.
      // Usually it's the company name.
      SetRegistryKey(_T("Zerolei Software"));
      // Read "User Name" registry entry (value) from 
      // HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zerolei Software\MyApp\Login key
      m_strUserName = GetProfileString(m_pszLoginSection, m_pszUserNameEntry);
      // ...
      return TRUE;
    int CMyApp::ExitInstance() 
      // write 'm_strUserName' in "User Name" registry entry (value) under
      // HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zerolei Software\MyApp\Login key
      WriteProfileString(m_pszLoginSection, m_pszUserNameEntry, m_strUserName);
      // ...
      return CWinApp::ExitInstance();
    void CMainFrame::OnLogin() 
      CMyApp* pApp = (CMyApp*)AfxGetApp();
      CLoginDialog dlgLogin;
      // ...
      if(IDOK == dlgLogin.DoModal())

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