I have a couple of DataGridView refreshing problems.

The first one is how to get the datagrid to refresh the data the fastest. I used dataGridView1.Refresh() to refresh the data as it is coming in, but it causes the mouse to lag, without doing the refresh() the mouse and clicking capabilities are fine, but I cant see anything on the DataGridView unless I minimize the window and restore it (or anything that forces the control to redraw. I would like a faster method of updating the data that the DataGridView is using than the dataGridView1.Refresh().

The other problem I am having is when the DataSet table exceeds the size of the DataGridView. The sliders dont show up unless I resize the window. Even the dataGridView1.Refresh() doesn't update that. I want a way to explicitly tell the DataGridView that the size of the DataSet has exceeded its control size.

Any advice or help is much appreciated.