Hi All,

I'm a VC++ programmer (and an educator). Currently, I'm using VC++ 6.0, and intend to move to VC++ .Net. However, I'm considering about using VC# instead of VC++ .Net.

I have a feeling that Microsoft is shifted away VC++ and moving to VC#. Why do I have that feeling? When I have a brief look at the MSDN (.NET) about how to do this and that, some of the commands are not available in VC++. But None of them are not supported in VC#. Besides, some comments tend to give suggestion (although sometimes it is a bit implicit), that doing that in VC# is even better than doing that in VB.Net.

Can I have a good explanation about the future of VC++? Is it true that Microsoft give more support to VC# than VC++? Will VC++ be dead (due to the programming complexity and it's unsafe features) and be changed by VC#?