I am a GUI programmer who programs mainly in MFC. I used to work in the industrial automation. Here are some projects I have worked on in the past.

1)Handphone Kiosk

2) High speed camera for the roller-coaster system: After the photos are taken, it is displayed on the tv screens for the customers who have ridden on the roller coaster to buy.

3)Counting system for carpark

All these were written in VC++ 6 with the platform SDK(Oct 2002) despite VS2003 is already available(It is the same for the 3 companies I worked). We designed the hardware, firmware,and device drivers(written by us as well) to communicate the hardware, and the UI application.

The reason we used VC is because it is fast and we do not need .Net .

I know that the industrial automation is not a big market share for VC, I believe most of Visual Studio customers are application programming companies and web programming companies.

I am wondering what is Visual C++ team strategy for writing really fast code as I am writing visualization code to show the status of the system which should be very instanteous. It looks as if to me that VC team is only focus to support writing application with .Net .

Now most of the companies may be forced to move up to Orcas when it is released as they are considering supporting Windows Vista.

Now I am with a software company, no longer in Industrial Automation.