[RESOLVED] Why dont VC++ includes Design Patterns tools
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Why dont VC++ includes Design Patterns tools

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    [RESOLVED] Why dont VC++ includes Design Patterns tools

    Hi all,
    I am working in VC++ in which i am doing coding with Design Patterns.
    I am using DPA Toolkit to generate code Skeleton.

    Why dont VC++ Team think to include such a tool as a buit-in component in the VC++ IDE itself.
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    Re: Why dont VC++ includes Design Patterns tools

    That as far as I can understand software design patterns doesn't seem to be a 'serious' suggestion. I suppose software patterns to be object oriented and computational concept based approaches to implementing functional and non-functional requirements by the recurring problem sets and their variations within the complex system under consideration. A button plugged in to outputting a skeleton of specific pattern is actually not a good idea since it may only fit as a separate software package with rapid future expansions if any...
    Emiene Vous
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