Why doesn't MFC supports dynamic creation of controls? I have found my self in many situations, where this feature would help a lot and simplify program design. (perticular in simple dialogs, where user is asked to input some data).
In that way it would be possible to create truely dynamic programs.
By this question I meen to avoid, common post on VC++ section of CodeGuru forums witch is: "Just create 10-50 CEdit controls on dialog, and hide them, when you need them use ShowWindow(SW_SHOW)". I greatly dissagree with this programming practice.
And another question is easy one but I haven't found an answer yet. It is about class view in VC++. I have a problem where I add some project files, like FastObject's hxx file or MySQL or anything, and it automatically includes all classes and function found in it, and then class view is usselles couse there's just too many functions and classess, Is there a way to avoid that?

Dario Maljur