Hello MVP's,

Question 1)
Does Microsoft plan to continue support for a mixture of managed and unmanaged c++ code in a single c++ project? If so, how long do they plan on supporting this option?

Question 2)
When projects are a mixture of unmanaged code written in c++ and then wrapped with managed c++ so a .NET GUI can be used, any enumerations defined in the unmanaged area are necessary in the managed area. So they need to be duplicated in the managed wrapper. Is there a simple way to do this without the error prone cut and paste from the unmanaged layer to the managed layer. It's not a big deal for a single enumeration, but this is a hassle for large software systems that contain enumerations at both the unmanaged and managed levels, and of course that is what I'm working on

Question 3)
In Visual Studio 2003 I have had problems with global static const doubles.

A simple example is the following...
static const double frequency = 30.0;
static const double period = 1.0 / 30.0;

After stopping at a break point, the value of the variable period is 0.0 when is should be ~0.03333. What is going on here? The scenario is a c# GUI communicating with a mixed mode C++ DLL. The breakpoint is set in the managed dll and the static const double variable is defined in the managed DLL. The managed dll is made up of a managed c++ project and a static c++ library project that is linked in. When a simple unmanaged c++ client is written to link with just the static c++ library from the managed DLL, period appears as 0.0333333 instead of 0.0. This only appears to be a problem when the fully managed DLL is built and used by a managed client.

Thank you for your time and patience!