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    Re: Mfc project bug in VS2005

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin McFarlane
    Impression I get is C++ development, especially IDE behaviour, is buggier in the VS .NET IDEs than it is for C# and VB. Also tools support, e.g., refactoring, class designer, is lacking compared to .NET development. Hardcore C++ers may be better off going with Borland long-term...
    i love C++ i hate .NET, yet i wish borland burned to hell. i hate it more than M$.

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    Re: Mfc project bug in VS2005

    yeap, the only m$ advantage is no competition at all.

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    Re: Mfc project bug in VS2005

    Quote Originally Posted by Cielak
    i wish i could move to anything else than m$, however all recent development seems to point at m$ products, most examples on internet use m$ mfc as well, therefore i think i will stick to VS 6, forgetting latest VS releases, as m$ is openly laughing at developers faces, releasing expensive, deliberately faulty products. it would be great to see them collapsing, and a quality software company taking over, which is possible if people stopped paying for their products. well, i know it is utopia, however i am gonna be the one to do so, whether my vision comes true or false.
    Myself was taught VB and C++ in 6.0 and when the newer ver. of Visual Studios came out with the "new thing" as in C# of course I jumped on it. WAS NOT IMPRESSED! Maybe it is as they mentioned earlier about problems with the C++, which is the main language I work with. But also found it sinful with all of "fill in the blank"! Didn't really seem like programming to me. "To little work?" maybe or maybe I'm just too old school. Still enjoy wrestling with problems from a command prompt. Just like the added control. NO BELLS AND WHISTLES! Of course there are added positives. But still did not like the program, "programming" for me before I even started! But guess will have to get over my negatives if I wish to learn C#.

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