I hate the way Microsoft is forcing programmer's attention away from VC++. I mean discontinuing MCSD C++ tracks, Almost all MSDN magazine is bout .net, taking full advantage of the new OSs by using .net APIs. Most of the headlines now are about .net. It is true that web development through ASP.net is powerful, but I am still a firm believer in C++ Desktop applications. I favor C++ and do not favor .net at all. (Maybe, this way, I will never get a job at Microsoft). I think if Microsoft put more effort in VC++, it will be a very attractive tool even for novice programmers. i.e. If there is a better dialog designer for C++ similar in a way to VB designer or VS.net designer, things will be much better. But for me, I create wonderful large-scale applications using VC++, OLEDB ATL classes and I get flexible, fast and compact exe. The latest was Foreign Currency Exchange System.