[RESOLVED] WinForms code generation
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Thread: [RESOLVED] WinForms code generation

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    [RESOLVED] WinForms code generation

    There are a few things that I don't like about the code that is generated for WinForms:

    a) Each member is preceded by the access specifier, instead I would like to have blocks.

    b) In InitializeComponent is a this-> in front of all calls/assignments, if the this-> is beeing removed the code still compiles but the designer doesn't work any longer.

    c) All code is beeing generated in the header, I only would like to have the declarations in the header.

    d) Several System namespaces are already visible (using namespace System::*), so what is the point of having System::Windows::Forms:: in front of all member declarations?

    e) System::Void can be substituted with void, which is more natural.

    I would like to have clean, human readable code.
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