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    [RESOLVED] Using VC++ non-Win embedded environments


    My name is Chris and my career function is software development manager in the automotive industry. We are specialized in development of real-time control software for microcontroller applications as well as PC-based applications.

    We use Visual C++ for 'normal' projects. In addition, we use Visual C++ to manage real-time control projects for microcontroller applications. These are not WinCE projects, but rather projects using hand-written operating systems for 8-bit through 32-bit architectures written in C, C++ and a small bit of Assembler. We have been doing this for well over 10 years and it works very well. We use VC++ in combination with GNU make. The compiler / linker / assembler calls are hand-written in GNU makefiles. The projects are of type 'External Makefile'. We handle the dependencies with analysis commands using Unix tools such as AWK and SED.

    I would like to know if this kind of 'non-traditional' usage of Visual C++ will be supported in the future. In addition, I would like to ask if you have ever heard of others who use VC++ to manage real-time microcontroller applications.

    One problem we have is the amount of effort which it takes to set up a new project. There is no kind of wizard support.

    Do you actively work on this kind of support? For example, I could imagine a support for some kind of generic external compiler / linker call which need not be explicitly entered for each source file, but rather a project-wide setting. This might make it possible to handle the header and time-stamp dependencies within VC Studio. Also it would allow for a more uniform treatment of projects, no matter what kind of exotic compiler tool-chain is to be used. Here I am thinking of the kind of integration support which Intel has written for their tool chain.

    A more generic interface to the the browser facility for external makefile projects would also be very useful?

    Have you ever considered implementing any kind of support for GNU make in addition to the make facility which is (or at least was) based on NMAKE?

    Thank you for your insights and information on this topic.

    Sincerely, Chris.
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