I found, that VC of 2005 came up with that strange mechanism having C runtime in WinSXS folder. So it is not possible, to ensure that my app is running with the dlls next to it (on XP - on W2k it still works - how inconsistent!), which makes live harder then ever! Why did you do that

I found funny effects with these manifest resources, which should tell each file, which runtime dlls to use: once it was even the case, that a binary did not load on a computer, on which it was build!

However - and here comes the question - I was not able to find out, how the MAKE tools create the manifest, that gets linked to the bin and how the content (esp. concerning the c runtime) is created.

And: don't you think that WinSxs and GAC will grow wild and make - similar to huge registries - computers becoming slower with every product you install?