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Thread: RAD Development

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    RAD Development

    Which IDE is the best to use for RAD Windows Application Development in Java?I dont mind if it isnt free.

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    Re: RAD Development

    WindowBuilder Pro => Some people saying it's good, I didn't try it
    NetBeans => Nice and Free but I use it only to make the GUI (for the coding I use eclipse )

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    Re: RAD Development

    Eclipse or NetBeans.
    It seems like the only thing I do on this forum is tell people to use the [ code ] tag, unfortunately it doesn't seem to pay off...

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    Re: RAD Development

    What is 'best' depends on your exact requirements. Just what a RAD IDE should povide is rather vague - see Rapid Application Development. If you want a good general-purpose Java IDE with a wide range of plugins, and you don't mind paying for it, I would recommend IntelliJ IDEA. NetBeans and Eclipse are good, but many professional developers think IDEA is better.

    When our company wanted to settle on a standard Java IDE, we organised a team of developers to try each IDE for a period and compare them. IDEA was a clear winner - for our requirements.

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