<getopt.h> library in windows
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Thread: <getopt.h> library in windows

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    Question <getopt.h> library in windows

    Hi all,

    I have encounter some codes that include <getopt.h> library. I guess it is a library under linux enviroment. However, I am using Windows and I want to compile the codes using Visual C++. Is there a counterpart of this library for VC?

    Hope some one can help.

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    Smile Re: <getopt.h> library in windows

    Here are three solutions:

    1. Argtable
    Argtable is a free ANSI C command line parser for Windows and other platforms by Stewart Heitmann.
    See http://argtable.sourceforge.net/

    2. XGetopt
    XGetopt is a free Unix-compatible getopt() for MFC and Win32 by By Hans Dietrich
    See http://www.thecodeproject.com/cpp/xgetopt.asp

    3. Dev-Cpp/Mingw
    Dev-Cpp/Mingw is a free C/C++ compiler for Windows, which includes getopt().
    See http://www.bloodshed.net

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    Re: <getopt.h> library in windows

    Thanks alot friend.
    Your suggestions have been very helpful!


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