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Thread: I am a bit worried...

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    I am a bit worried...

    I am about to release a piece of software that I've written in C# to an uncontrolled and public space. ( eg the internet ).

    However, I recently discoverd Lutz Roeder's "Reflector for .NET" and saw that you can easily get to the code from a compiled assembly. ( I tried SharpReader, could read all functions in a snap, more or less nicely formatted too ).

    How can you then prevent from code being taken or copied if you can grab a free prog from the internet and look inside the code?

    Any idea's?

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    Re: I am a bit worried...

    Quote Originally Posted by bewa
    Any idea's?
    There is one technique that's called obfuscating. It will take your nicely formatted and well coded application and transform it into spaghetti code. It won't stop people from disassembling/decompiling your code, but it will make it harder to read/udnerstand.

    - petter

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    Re: I am a bit worried...

    Hello bewa!

    Have a look at these :

    .Net Framework FAQ's

    Protecting Your Visual Basic.NET Source Code and Applications

    Although the article is mostly for VB6 and VB.NET, Obfuscation is still covered there. The FAQ's also covers Obfuscation.

    Hope it was helpful..
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