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Thread: link to PDF does not work

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    link to PDF does not work


    In my local intranet site, I have a list of links to several PDF files, wich are on the server locally. But when I click them nothing happens. I can do Save As... and copy the file somewhere, so the link is OK. THis link is in form of <a href=file:///

    I can right click on the webform, choose "view source" and place it in a html file, open it with IE and all the links work.

    So I'm assuming it's either IIS or .NET that needs to be configured.

    Someone any idea's how to fix this

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    Re: link to PDF does not work

    It needs to be IIS. Make a virtual directory of the path of the pdf and then don't do a file:/// but rather http://server/ip/virtualDirectory/pdfname and they should work fine.

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    Re: link to PDF does not work

    Well thanks FishDawg65! It worked.

    I remeber you helped me also with something a few months back!

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