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Thread: Gaming Thread

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    Re: Gaming Thread

    Only PC games i ever play are:
    GTA VC.

    Nothing else.
    In a moment i have VC installed only.

    I have GTA2 original CD that i bought.
    It will be always my favorite game.
    Also have SA but PC is a bit slow for it.
    Also GTA is on CD, but it has pretty bad gfx, so i dont play it so frequently.

    But R* knows how to make really good games with full freedom and fun in them.
    Thats why i love them
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    Re: Gaming Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by HanneSThEGreaT
    Can't remember when last I played a game!

    I do remember Duke and Quake being fun
    Those were Fun ..

    I remember Years back, taking your PC to a friends place.. Setting up a Small Co-ex cable network and playing Quake against 10 other players for 3 days straight...

    Those were the days...
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    Re: Gaming Thread

    Guild Wars
    Dawn of War Dark Crusade
    Medieval II Total War
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    Re: Gaming Thread

    Civilization conquests

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    Re: Gaming Thread

    I've been playing Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic, that game is so brutal, but awsome.

    And I just got Guitar Hero II for Xmas, and I'm addicted to it. Its got a killer soundtrack, it even hasa Spinal Tap song, lol.
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