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Thread: Obtain Hardware Information

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    Lightbulb Obtain Hardware Information

    Microsoft Development Environment 2003 Version 7.1.3088

    Can someone help me with a program I am trying to make. All I need to know, is how do I get the program, when the button is pressed, to start scanning there basic hardware, and once it completes gives them a report, and if at all possible, tell them yes or no if there program does not meet minimum system requirements. I know the basics, and have looked quite a bit and asked people for some help, but I'm pretty much clueless where to start. Any tutorials that anyone can give/or the code to do such, would be helpful, thanks a lot!

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    Re: Obtain Hardware Information

    You can get all sorts of hardware info on the system using WMI. Check out my signature for the "WMI - Get Hardware Info" submission I have on a sister site of this. Has examples of using WMI as well as an entire WMI.dll wrapper library that gives you managed access to the various WMI hardware and software classes, as well as a link to the WMI documentation on MSDN that gives you the info on all of the various WMI classes....
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