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Thread: Assigning orders between 2 people using datetime?, etc.

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    Assigning orders between 2 people using datetime?, etc.

    Ok, here is my delima. I need to assign orders between two technicians as each computer comes in the door. What I want to do, as a computer system gets put into my POS as a new order, I want it to be assigned to one of the two technicians. They way I want it assigned is that each order will take 2 hours, and I want them to be sequentially assigned. So, here's how it would work,
    Customer brings in a computer, order is put in computer, system looks to see which of the two techs. is available first, then assigns that order to that tech. Meanwhile, this can go for days ahead of time, in 2 hour intervals for 8 hours a day. So each tech would have 4 orders a day.
    I have no clue how to set any of this up and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been playing around with datetime, but i'm not sure how to fix this problem. Thanks!

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    Re: Assigning orders between 2 people using datetime?, etc.

    If the technicians are being assigned jobs alternately then you simply need to look at the last job assigned and see which technician it was assigned to, then assign the new job to the other. The table containing the job records will have a foreign key from the table containing the technician records. You get the value of the technician ID from the last job and then you get the record from the technician table that has an ID not equal to that.
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