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Thread: Need someone to help me please

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    Need someone to help me please

    Hi, I need help with a excel file. I don't know VBA. Iím willing to learn. I have excel pro 2007 beta loaded. Since earlier versions can't do as much with conditional formatting.

    These are questions are in two break downs. For a scoring system in horseshoes.
    I would like to lock or protect all the sheets the workbook using vba. And still be able to add data to unprotected cells on one of worksheets. I need vba macro to do this so all the sheets are protected and run the macros but still be able to edit scores in column cells when a round is finished.
    2nd question
    There are 3 worksheets. On the team Random Matches Worksheet when you click the green button on that sheet which runs the macro. It will change the letters A through G and colors in the Team Scores Sheet in the team matches column D3 through D13. So the matching letters and colors will correspond to be teams and opponents in that round of play.

    Once a team is out after two losses. The Team Match cell in column D will turn black letting you know you are Out of the game. I need on the next round to click the green Random Team Button again. So team opponents can be picked accordingly, once a team is out. The colors won't match or letters because a team or teams are out of play.
    If you need any answers to my questions. I zipped so it can be reviewed.

    Sincerely, Tom Robert
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