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Thread: Wacky Warning Labels

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    Wacky Warning Labels

    This page deserves a read, http://www.mlaw.org/wwl/. It lists last year (2006) winners of a 10 years old contest conducted by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, an organization that watches how lowsuits have force companies to provide common-sense label warnings, like "Remove Child Before Folding" on a baby stroller.

    Don't forget to check the past winners. Its highly hilarious.
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    Re: Wacky Warning Labels

    I think that most of those warnings could be simply replaced by something like "This product should not be used by idiots".

    (My fingers itch to complete above with "...and Americans", but I think that some might feel offended, so I won't).
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    Re: Wacky Warning Labels

    In France, stepladders come with a lot of stickers describing what not to do with it.
    Some of them are funny.
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    Re: Wacky Warning Labels

    Hmm this reminds me of a Car Glove Mop that we purchased just for the warning's and usage instructions printed on it.

    Everything is writen in English only..
    * It is most suitable for keeping your car in good repair and polishing.
    * It can also give play to the power for removing dust frem glass and room.
    * It is most suitable for waxing because it doesn't stain your hands.

    * Using his mop, yaur hands will not be stained and your car will be kept in good repair.
    * If the mp has keen stained, it can be used repeatedly after washing.

    *When the mop has been sticked with wax and oil, please use neutral detergent to wash it.
    *This mop can be given in a good scrub, but you can not wash it together with other thing.
    * It can be used after being dried fully.
    PS. The typo's are not mine....
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