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Thread: FileUpload and Ajax

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    FileUpload and Ajax


    I'm using .Net 2.0, Ajax extension.

    I'm trying to use the FileUpload and Ajax so the file upload will post itself and not the whole page. It doesn't work.

    I read somewhere that there is no Ajax support for FileUpload control yet. Is that right?

    I want the user to upload a file and see an animated gif as the progress bar while the file is uploading.


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    Re: FileUpload and Ajax

    I'd heard it's not possible and read just yesterday that with Microsoft's Atlas/ Ajax Beta it's NOT possible, due to how the XMLHttpRequest object handles connections.
    David Meikle
    Quantum Unit Solutions, LLC

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    Re: FileUpload and Ajax

    FileUpload and some other controls are not compatible with ajax extensions. You can revise at

    However, you can use iframes to make ajax-like file upload system, and make it work with ajax extensions. Here are my blog posts which also includes downloadable source code:

    full tutorial:
    and download link:

    You can easily add javascripts to show and hide your animated image, when button is clicked and after process is complete (in RegisterStartupScript method)

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