_itoa vs _itoa_s
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Thread: _itoa vs _itoa_s

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    _itoa vs _itoa_s

    I have requiremnt where someone is passing me pointer to a buffer and I have to return value converted to that bufffer. I'm worried about buffer overrun. Here are two functions available for this..
    _itoa(int value,char *buffer,size_t, int radix);
    _itoa_s(int value,char *buffer,size_t, sizeInCharacters,int radix);

    Here is my current function :
    DWORD GetMessageSize(char *FileName, char *Size){
    int intsize;
    // do operation on file and get intsize
    return 0;

    Since I don't know the size of buffer and if I use _itoa_s then how do I handle "sizeInCharacters" ?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: _itoa vs _itoa_s

    you have to change a definition of GetMessageSize() function to have buffer length parameter along with pointer to buffer inself, otherwise you can't use _itoa_s().

    besides, why don't you return intsize directly from that function? is it some requirement?

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