First: I have never programmed any Websites. Well, everybody had done a little bit of HTML. But i did not use Perl, Javascript or similar...

Well... now my boss told me, I have to learn Ajax. Ok. I have read many articles, many howtos what ajax is. And in EVERY these articles the used language was JS.

Now my boss told me: Hey, why? Use C# oder Java. There are enough libraries, that you can use. The Server will generate the sites for you Webuser right out of your code. Best you use Java and eclipse...

Well... well... WHAT?

Please, I "started" with Ajax yesterday. I think I understand the functionality and, how it works, between Server an Client. But, how do I start with an simple "Hello World!" in a dialogbox? I need the knowhow for the Programmer... a little tutorial, that explains any smal step.

Is it enough to have an HP on strato? You really dont need somthing, linke tomcat oder apache?

What Do you need really to PROGRAMM an Ajaxsite?

Is it true or possible to write everythink in Java, and the libraries generates everything nessesary?

Thanks for any help.