I just installed the new AJAX package from microsoft and I'm trying to update an existing program to AJAX. I added all the stuff to Config.web to make AJAX "work".

My original program contained an image button, some radio controls, and another button. When the page loads, or when either button is clicked, the code draws a new bitmap and saves it. When the postback completes, the image button displays the new image. So far, so good.

After my attempted conversion to AJAX, I added a script manager and put the image button inside an update panel. The other button is also used as a trigger for the same update panel.

When I click the bitmap, it calls the Load and Click routines as before. The code draws the new bitmap and saves it. However, the bitmap on the client side doesn't change. I would have expected the contents of the update panel to be updated.

When I click the other button, the Load and Click events are called, but nothing happens on the client side.

I added an UpdateProgress to the page. It becomes "visible" when I click the bitmap, but nothing visibly happens when I click the other button. The code in the click events take a second or more to draw the new bitmap, since a lot of "number-crunching" is involved.