First I hav migrated my project from VS2003 to VS 2005 using UpdatePackage(VS80-KB915364-X86-ENU).

Aftersometimes i hv installed Asp.net Ajax ver 1.0 .

and now i hv create one Asp.net Ajax Website and add all my pages of VS2005 Application.

Then i add Scriptmanager and Updatepanel to the pages while building the application. In the aspx.cs.designer page some error is comming

like unable to find the class Scriptmanager , unable to find the class UpdatePanel..

What i did just i remove the two classes from the designer page.. and try to build .. now it is working..with Ajax Functionalites

Again if i made any changes in the aspx page and after that if i build same problem is comming??!

Pls tell me what i hv to do in this case..

Waiting for ur valuable reply