I have been thinking about it and got curious to know what kind of work others do in C++. The nature of work can be categorized in many ways:
  • Fresh development (from scratch)
  • Development (owing to enhancements requests and maintenance, bug fixes etc)
  • Pure Maintenance and bug fixing
  • Support (but you do take a look at C++ code and suggest changes to your development team)
Also, what domain do you touch upon (or your target industry) if you are doing application development:
  • Communications/Networking/Systems
  • Financial services/Insurance
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Airline
  • Generic libraries for specific application development
  • Games
  • Tools and products of your own
Many more...

Can I request you to choose from the first list and describe a little about the work and choose from the second or if it is not listed (I am a little lazy, sorry ) add that information in your post? I am not trying to force you to tell that, it's just that I have become curious as to what is the nature of work that people do.

Anything else, that you have seen around you happening - you can discuss that as well... Feel free to pour in!

Thanks very much for sharing (in advance). Cheers!