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Thread: Nature of work in C++?

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    Re: Nature of work in C++?

    I envy you guys who work developing in a team. Me have first to finish school

    For the biggest part I'm making
    • Generic library for specific application development

    which I use for some
    • Games

    and server of those and some
    • Tools and products of your own

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    Re: Nature of work in C++?

    • Fresh Development
    • Games

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    Re: Nature of work in C++?

    I'm a scientist and essentially write stuff from scratch in c++. Mostly apps to fulfil my own (or the team's) needs for data analysis or automation/data logging of lab equipment. As cpuwizard stated though, 'from scratch' is difficult to define and I often use 3rd party routines, but I guess this is certainly different to maintaining existing software.

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    Re: Nature of work in C++?

    An interesting original post indeed, and the first one I shall reply to this new year.

    Happy New Year everybody!


    I'm a Junior in the UK. At the moment I have been fortunate to write 2x programs from scratch (technically 1 1/2 from scratch) and do maintenance on one. (been working just over 2 months).

    The industry is Voice over IP and telecommunications. Hopefully there will be a lot more doing stuff from scratch. I think the company are going to look into things like voice recognition and stuff which sounds cool.

    I think/hope I will end up writing a lot of utility software and one off's for companies. - It might sound boring to some, but i've found in the past writing utilities gives you a broad understanding of lots of different subjects/techniques, so a good way of learning.

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    Re: Nature of work in C++?

    I do just about all of the above. On a good day, new development. On a usual day maintenance and bug-fixing. With lots of support to go along with it.

    As to which industry I've worked for a 2D graphics company, a subtitling software company, a business analysis company and now a large financial institution.

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