Nevron announces the new version release of the Graphical User Interface Component Suite for .NET application development professionals. It is designed to be totally customizable and manageable set of controls that developers can use to shape their applications with a smooth, professional looking and easy to work with graphical user interface. Many novelties are presented in this fast growing in resources and popularity component suite.

What Is New in version Q4 2006

Localization - The NLocalizationManager provides simple yet elegant solution for localizing Nevron's internal strings. It contains a user-definable dictionary which is used whenever a translation request is made. You may also explicitly disable the manager if no more modifications are allowed.

Extended Entry Controls - Since Q4 2006 the "Entry Control" logic has been greatly extended. Instead of creating entry wrapper for every single control in the library you may simply drop a NEntryContainer instance on a Form and specify its EntryControl property. This enables you have virtually any control wrapped, not only the ones that ship with Nevron User Interface. Additional settings like FillBoundingBox, Interactive and LabelControlRelation provide fine tune support for creating visually appealing entry forms.

Palette Color Pane - The NPaletteColorPane represents a color pane which color entries are palette-defined. Two predefined palettes are provided - Office2003 and Default.

Hyper Links - Since Q4 2006 Nevron Rich Text support has been greatly improved and optimized. Available per UIElement basis is hyper-link support.

Date Time Picker - The NDateTimePicker component extends the standard System.Windows.Forms one with border and drop-down button appearance which makes it consistent with the overall look-and-feel of the Nevron User Interface components.

Task Dialog - The Nevron NTaskDialog is an extended user-input dialog. Inspired by the feature and content rich TaskDialogs in Microsoft Windows Vista, our NTaskDialog component will bring to your Windows Forms applications platform-independent Vista-like user experience.

Task Dialog Properties - The dialog structure is mainly divided into four parts: content, buttons panel, verification check and footer. Based on Nevron Rendering Device all elements support rich text, hyper links and images.

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