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    [RESOLVED] [NOOB] Simple ado.net question

    How do I add data that is in memory to a dataset so that I can execute sql queries on it in order to return something that I can manage in a while or foreach loop?

    Basically I have a file with data, that I'd like to be able to execute sql on to sort it. Something along these lines

    while(not EOF)
    Read data from file
    add data to dataset

    execute query on dataset

    foreach row in dataset
    create a treeview node for row.field

    This should be simple.

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    Re: [NOOB] Simple ado.net question

    Nevermind. I figured it out.

    Create a dataset

    DataSet dataset = newDataSet("My Dataset");

    Create a table

    DataTable datatable = dataKeyLog.Tables.Add("My Data Table");

    Add columns to table

    datatable.Columns.Add("Column 1");

    "Column 2");

    "Column 3");

    Create a new row

    DataRow row = datatable.NewRow();

    Populate the new row with data

    row["Column 1"] = "whatever data is appropriate"

    row["Column 2"] = "whatever data is appropriate"

    row["Column 3"] = "whatever data is appropriate"

    Add the row to the table


    Create a data view

    DataView dataview = newDataView();

    dataview.Table = datatable;

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