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Thread: unable to use class from the server in the client

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    Unhappy unable to use class from the server in the client

    I am trying to register server class so that I will be able to call a function in the server from the client using ajax.
    In the page load function in the server I wrote:
    Public class Cls
    Protected Sub Page_Load1(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
    End sub
    End class

    I have a function which I want to call from the client:
    <Ajax.AjaxMethod(HttpSessionStateRequirement.ReadWrite)> _
    Public Function IsOKToDeleteCategory(ByVal rowIndex As Integer) As Boolean
    End function

    In the client I have a java script funtion where I am trying to call to the function IsOKToDeleteCategory:
    function canDeleteCategory()
    Cls. IsOKToDeleteCategory(3);

    When I run the page I get an error saying that the the Cls class is undefined in the client side

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    Re: unable to use class from the server in the client

    The client-side cannot call a server-side function, but it can call a script on the server-side with variables. That server-side script can then call that function.
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