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Thread: how to pass interger value as...

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    how to pass interger value as...

    hi everyone

    I want to pass integer value as width of table.

    the code given below is working fine,but i dont know how to put this value in HTML table coe. i tried but it doesnt work


    private int GetYes(int opt, int tot)

    int i = 100;
    per = (i * opt) / tot;
    lblyes.Text = per.ToString();
    yerper.Text = lblyes.Text+ "%";
    return per;


    now i want to display the per variable to HTML CODE
    like i tried

    <table bgcolor="blue" id="tbtotal" width='<%=Request.QueryString["per"]%>%'height="20">

    this is not working

    even i tried like

    public int RetPer()
    return per;

    <table bgcolor="blue" id="tbtotal" width='<%# RetPer %>%'height="20">

    Please help me out

    Waiting for reply.

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    Re: how to pass interger value as...

    Is your code running server side or client side?
    ASP.NET 2.0 ?

    I'm not very familiar with this stuff but on client-side don't you just need to get the element by id (getElementById) and then set the width to what you want.

    If server side can't you just reference tbtotal.Width in the same way as you reference lblyes.Text


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