Hello Code Gurus

This is the Code which i wrote to export records to CSV file Format, Which then eventually opens in Excel.

If F.FileExists("C:\file1.csv") = True Then
F.DeleteFile "C:\file1.csv", True
End If
Set F1 = F.OpenTextFile("C:\file1.csv", ForWriting, True, TristateFalse)
F1.WriteLine "Delivered Bills "
F1.WriteLine "Date,Bill No,Delivered To,Relation,Contact No,Delivery Time"
F1.WriteLine RSTemp.GetString(adClipString, , ",")
Set F1 = Nothing

MsgBox "File Exported to C:\file1.csv", vbInformation, "Info"

But when I open it with Excel, It opens in a single Sheet and has limits 65536 rows.

My Question is how to go about exporting the CSV file to open in Multiple Sheets .
I want to do it without using Excel Object, (beacuse if Ecel is not found in the Client Machine !)

Any Help , suggestions !!!!! Please