Nevron development team announces the release of the new version of Nevron .NET Vision – advanced, professional component suite for data visualization and GUI creation in .NET.
“With this release we introduce new smooth area chart series with different variations - Standard Smooth Area, XY Smooth Area and Date-Time Smooth Area”- says Bob Milanov – a lead developer at the company – “The Chart also has the Numeric Display Panel introduced in this version which features various display styles, control over the decimal formatting, full control over the panel appearance and size and many others.”
Nevron User Interface Suite also introduces new controls in addition to the large number of existing ones and is now no less than a 70+ controls suite for professional GUI creation. Some of the new controls are the NSkinManager - a powerful tool which enables you to provide image-based appearance logic to the entire UI, Generic Popup - highly customizable pop-up window with animations, transparency, placement control, etc. and the new Tooltip Controller which manages all tooltip requests per UI thread and gives complete control over tooltip's behavior, placement and appearance. The user Interface suite also introduces a Calculator, Data Navigator, File Look-up and more.
The huge improvements to the diagramming component that Nevron undertook at the end of 2006 and that prevented the launch of a new version now continue. Since they are beyond the scope of a single quarterly release, they will be embedded in the diagram when completely tested and implemented. Planned are Graph Layouts, Tree Layouts, Pages and Formula Shapes as well as overall technology improvement in the diagramming framework, which will bring new abilities and improve user experience with the product.
Nevron also continue working on the development of the Nevron Presentation Framework – the technology that binds all Nevron products and many others to better interact regardless of the changes in the development environment. This technology is currently working as a base of the Nevron product suite giving it an invisible but essential advantage over other component packages in form of better component interactivity, speed and extensibility.

More information on Nevron products is available at Nevron Website
Nevron .NET Vision is available for free, fully functional and not time limited evaluation download. Nevron Chart, Diagram and User Interface can be used or purchased separately or together as a suite. The suite Nevron .NET Vision is available for purchase from $989 for the Professional Edition and $1589 for the Enterprise Edition directly from Nevron or through authorized resellers.

Nevron, based in Sofia Bulgaria, is a leading and innovative company developing component based Data
Visualization solutions and providing a full range of products that cover the.NET market. Nevron has dedicated its efforts to be a leader in the development of professional data visualization and UI creation components and libraries for the .NET platform and will continue to deliver the ultimate data visualization solution to .NET developers with constant innovation, technology research and professionalism.