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Thread: the time in each function

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    the time in each function

    My project is about getting data from USB port for processing something.
    The data is very fast(around 1Mbyte/sec) and I'm not sure my program can process this job in time or not.
    I need to check the time in each function.

    How can I check it?

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    Re: the time in each function

    Run the profiler.

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    Re: the time in each function

    I'm not sure whether this is what you want, but have a look on this FAQ.
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    Re: the time in each function

    Quote Originally Posted by GCDEF
    Run the profiler.
    Be careful, profilers can significantly impact the timing of code. Look carefully at the documentation for your profiler.

    IMHO, for real-time (or even near-real-time), it is better to "Instrument" the tiime sensitive operations from the beginning)

    I tend to put "Prolog" and "Epilog" calls at the beginning and end of all of my methods (I have found it handy enough that my editor hotkey automatically does this).

    For RTS, the prolog simply inserts the information I wish to log into a queue, a low-priority thread [or in some cases a different process] pulls the information from the queue and logs it.

    My measured overhead [3.2Ghz P4] is just under 0.5uS, so I do remove it from the very tightest innermost loops.....
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