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Thread: nt service file transfer server to server

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    nt service file transfer server to server

    I have written an NT service which transfers a file from one server to another where it then parses the data to a SQL database. The file function rename is used to thansfer the file. The problem I am having is It won't work server to server over the network. It will work workstation to server but not one nt 4.0 server to another. Logins on both machines have admin rights. NOTE: it works fine if I run my service in debug mode as a console application. Anyone have a solution. It's more then likley some seeting but I need advice.

    any Help is welcome.


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    Re: nt service file transfer server to server

    When you're debugging the service as a console app, the service is running in your security context. Your security context has access to the network shares through which you are transfering the files. However, when you run the service as a service the Local System account does NOT have access to the shares of the other server. Hope this helps

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