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Thread: ATL Wizard on Windows98

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    ATL Wizard on Windows98

    The ATL Class Wizard doesn't work since I upgraded to Windows98. I searched MS-KB without finding an answer. I tried uninstalling/installing, start a new project from scratch to no avail.

    Create a ATL-simple object. Add a method or a property. You will get:

    Unrecognized extra information found in ""STDMETH... bla..bla..looks ok to me ...pVal);""

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    Re: ATL Wizard on Windows98


    I had the same problem when using user-defined keyword coloring (UserType.dat file). If this file contains words 'STDMETHOD', 'STDMETHODOIMP', etc., then ATL Wizard does not work. The solution is either not to use UserType.dat or search and remove 'STDMETHOD', 'STDMETHODOIMP' and similar from it. (Do not forget to restart DevStudio :-)

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