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    Learning perl, need some help.

    I am using a tutorial I found on the internet to learn perl and at the end of each chapter it gives you some practice problems. I just completed the chapter on arrays and lists and the problem is this.

    Write a program that reads lines of input containing numbers, each of which is
    separated by exactly one space, and prints out the following:
    a. The total for each line
    b. The grand total

    This is what I have so far
    ############READ IN THE LINES OF NUMBERS#############
    $grandtotal = 0;
    $line = <STDIN>;
    while ($line ne ""){
    	@numbers = split(/ /,$line);
    	$position = 0;
    	$total = 0;
    while($position <= @numbers){
    	$total = $total + $numbers[$position];
    print($total, "\n");
    $grandtotal = $grandtotal + $total;
    print("The Grand total is $grandtotal.\n");
    It doesn't show any errors, but acts very wierd when I run it. I need to be able to enter several lines but it acts like my loop falls through after only one line of input. I'm suspecting my conditional is not doing what I want it to. I'm sure its going to be something very simple that I have done wrong. Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Learning perl, need some help.

    Instead of using...

    while($position <= @numbers){
      $total = $total + $numbers[$position];
    Use foreach...Read about it here.
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