I have an AJAX rating control in an update panel on my form. The control is working fine except when I switch user logins, or navigate to different pages within my DNN site. The rating control is placed in an update panel on an .ascx web control. I register the script manager in the page load event.

If DotNetNuke.Framework.AJAX.IsInstalled Then
End If
When I navigate to a seperate page within the site, and come back to my rating page, the graphics contained in the rating control have disappeared. It still allows me to click the control though.

I stepped into the code, and when the line DotNetNuke.Framework.AJAX.IsInstalled is hit anytime after I navigate away from my module page (poll.ascx), the isInstalled value is then set to False, and RegisterScriptManager method is not called.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this!