Nevron Chart for .NET is a professional charting component for WinForms and ASP.NET. It features numerous business, scientific and financial charting types, VS design time support, empty data points, built-in toolbar, flexible axes, and more.

Version Q2 2007 features:

- AJAX Support for Web Forms
Nevron Chart for .NET Q2 2007 now supports ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0. Nevron web controls allow AJAX callback handling of the following mouse events: click, double click, move, down and up. Also, the web controls can be forcibly refreshed at client-side and auto-refresh feature is available.
- New Charting Types
Triangulated Surface series - this charting type can display a set of points with X, Y and Z coordinates as a 3D surface. In contrast to the Mesh Surface chart, the Triangulated Surface doesn't require the points to be ordered in a network. The control creates a triangular network automatically.
- Improved Grid Surface and Mesh Surface
Grid Surface and Mesh Surface series now support smooth shading.
- Data Binding with Custom Data Sources
The chart now supports data binding with custom data sources that implement the IBindingList and (optionally) the ITypedList interfaces.
- Gauges for .NET
The component introduces new linear and radial gauge panels allowing you to display virtually any linear or radial gauge. Gauge features include multiple indicators, multiple gauge axes, intelligent gauge scale decorations and many more. The gauges in Nevron Chart for .NET use extensively the Nevron Smart Shape technology as well as the Nevron Scale technology. Developers familiar with chart scale programming will find the new gauge axis API very easy and straightforward.

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