Although in this release there are no major changes in the diagram except the AJAX support for WebForms, there are huge improvements, which Nevron is currently developing for this component. Since they are beyond the scope of a single quarterly release, they will be embedded in the diagram when completely tested and implemented. However in this release the following features are included:

- AJAX Support for Web Forms
Nevron Diagram for .NET Q2 2007 now supports ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0. Nevron web controls allow AJAX callback handling of the following mouse events: click, double click, move, down and up. Also, the web controls can be forcibly refreshed at client-side and auto-refresh feature is available.
- New shapes
- Food shapes - included are 22 shapes related to food.
- Weather shapes - included are 26 shapes related to weather.

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