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Thread: Stoping thread....

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    Stoping thread....

    Hi All,

    I have made a worker thread in which i have defined a critical section using CCriticalSection class. I have started this worker thread inside a for loop.

    Now my problem is when i want to stop my thread before completing the for loop(ie i want that all the threads already running should stop as well as no new thread should start). I am not getting the way to do this.

    Can anybody help me in this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Stoping thread....

    When you start a thread you pass in a parameter, which can be a pointer. This pointer could point to a common abort flag (bool), or if you need more data to pass to a thread, it could point to a structure that now includes a pointer to your flag (or, a bool of its own). Thus, to stop all running threads, you can set this flag to true (abort).

    It is up to your code running in the threads to watch for this flag change and to then terminate themselves.

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    Re: Stoping thread....

    VCProgrammer, when you start the threads in the loop, how do you track the thread handle? As far as signalling a thread to exit, you can use an event that gets passed to each thread and use WaitForSingleObject with a timeout of zero within the thread to check if the event has been set.

    Check out the Simple Thread: Part I article in my subject line. It illustrates how to start, pause, resume, stop, and cleanup a thread. For stopping, it uses the event technique I mentioned.

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