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Thread: Adding a lot of data to list control

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    Adding a lot of data to list control

    My project have a list control and have to add a lot of data to it(more than 1000 item) I use these code for add each item.
    void AddDataList(CListCtrl *m_list, int row,
    CString col0, CString col1, CString col2,
    CString col3, CString col4, CString col5)

    LVITEM lvi;
    lvi.mask = LVIF_TEXT;lvi.iItem=row;
    lvi.iSubItem = 0;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col0;

    lvi.iSubItem = 1;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col1;

    lvi.iSubItem = 2;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col2;

    lvi.iSubItem = 3;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col3;

    lvi.iSubItem = 4;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col4;

    lvi.iSubItem = 5;lvi.pszText = (char*)(LPCTSTR)col5;

    my problem is that
    while program is adding the item my program look like hang up,
    because the list control is updated every time when it add item.

    How can I do if I want to update it only one time when it finish adding item.

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    Re: Adding a lot of data to list control

    Take a look at the SetRedraw() method. This can be used to prevent visual updates until you have finished adding, and then you can set the flag back again.

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